By , February 4, 2011 5:50 pm

Nasha Mukti Yuva Sankalp-NMYS is a group of like minded young professionals as well as students from different professions like social work, media, and business, I.T, medical and so on. And it is not individual led organization (neither in paper nor spirit) rather it is a platform where people against addictions get assembled to think, speak and act against all kinds of harmful addictives and work for a peaceful and healthy society. NMYS is trying to turn the energy of the youth into synergy for a greater cause of self introspection as well as human happiness. We are guided by the ethics that “Iradey Neek Hoon to Rastey Nikal Aatey Hain” We have been using the public place like Mahatma Gandhi Park, Bhubaneswar for open discussion and planning. Its main objective is to make a society free from deadly addictives. We are self motivated people with the spirit of strong volunteerism for desired changes within and around us.